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Display often hangs

Using Pi Zero, with only 4 web page assets, and the display often hangs after perhaps 20 minutes. Often the Pi green power light is flashing like mad, suggesting that the Pi has not ‘hung’, but the display doesn’t move on to the next asset. How should I go about diagnosing, and what’s it likely to be.
I thought best to upgrade, so have downloaded 2019-04-27-Screenly-OSE but no change.
Might the SD card (8GB SanDisk Ultra HC 1) be knackered or just not up to it?

Interesting. The System Info latest logs, show that it THINKS it is still working, generating asset list, showing asset, current URL, sleeping . . . .BUT the display is stuck on just one asset!!!
Any thoughts would be very welcome. Pi power light still flashing furiously.

Hi @RobertE! Can you try to upgrade to the latest development version?
bash <(curl -sL

Thanks for your help Rusko. I think I may have pinned it down to just one (or two) assets. I have and which is our local weather. I tested by switching these both off last night, and it has been running overnight (9 hours) without problems!!
There must be something on the BBC pages - perhaps embedded videos, or?? which upsets things.
I have just now switched the news back on, and will update shortly.

Almost got this to be reproducible, which is a start. If I add BBC news page, things go fine for perhaps half an hour. Then the Pi power light goes mad, but the display continues as rotate as I want.
Add BBC weather as well, and after a while (not sure how long) display hangs with power light going mad.
I’ve worked in IT for all my life (though not at the PI level for decades, it is 50 years ago since I wrote assembler code!) my guess is that there is something on the BBC pages which give the PI a lot of work. Just one it can manage, but with both it can’t work out one page before it is asked to process the next (BBC page) and gets further and further behind?
I am working with a Pi Zero, and don’t know enough about it to trace processes (as I would try in windows using Task Manager).

I think I may have cracked this. Displaying BBC News for 10 secs causes problems. Extend it to 30 seconds and it behaves much better. My guess is that it takes more than ten seconds to process and render the BBC News page - it’s a complex page, and then comes up with the ‘cookies’ popup - and so Screenly starts processing the next page while still processing the BBC News page. That might explain why the power light is flashing like mad? Anyway, extending the display time seems to have cracked it.

Good found @RobertE ! We will take this into account.

I’m back here. I’ve really been struggling, and in the end upgraded from a Pi Zero to a 3B+. Thought this might solve any processing problems, but I seem to be back where I was.
I had only four assets, BBC News UK, BBC weather UK for our village, Screenly Clock, and a Google Slides web page, which allows me to easily change pages without accessing the Screenly Pi.
I can’t keep it going for more than an hour or two.
Might someone else try . . .

Screenly clock

And tell me whether you can keep Screenly going for more than an hour or two?
I’m beginning to look at other display software, but I do like Screenly OSE a) 'cos it’s free, and b) 'cos I like the Pi (and experimenting).