Adding network assets

I am attempting to add an HTML file that is shared on another computer on the network. due to the network share needing credentials, i have tried to mount the share in /etc/fstab:

i’m assuming iv’e done that correctly as if i run df -h, i get the following:

i previously added a network asset of a weather widget successfully using an address like this:

and that is working with no issues, but now I am trying something similar to that with this webpage asset with the full path of the file needed being:
//”, but i get the url not valid error:

is there something i can try to verify the network share or hopefully im just a nub and am not typing the asset url correctly.

help apreciated. thanks, all.

just checkmark the “Skip asset check” box and give it a try

If the ‘skip asset check’ box is checked, it will add the asset, but when it gets to that asset in the playlist, nothing will load and it stays on a white screen until it goes to the next asset.

The problem here is that you can’t serve/access a HTML page on a shared folder. You need to setup a proper web server to share/serve said file.

Thank you @vpetersson. i will look into setting up a web server.

Ooohh… I re-read your post… ok so this should be simple to do, on that other computer just install something like XAMPP (its free)… and set up just the apache web server part…

Ah, cool. thank you, this will be easier than convincing IT to let me set up a web server. :slight_smile: Cheers!

actually it should work if that file is accessible on a browser on another computer, like if you are running a web server on that IP you sent…, so maybe it is white because the browser cant load it… are you able to access this link:

from any other machine on the network?
if so, then it might be a non compatible website for uzbl browser…
in that case, you would try the screenly experimental branch which uses a different browser.

again, all of what i said is under the assumption that the url you sent and that file wip25.html is hosted on a computer running a web server service of some sort…

I cannot access the html file from a browser using the url: :frowning: but i think it’s because of the way they are sharing the file.
I have since learned that the file is on a windows server file share. I’m discussing a web server/XAMPP solution so that we can get this file sorted as well as easily add more assets like this in the future if they choose.
Thank you for all the suggestions and help.

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