Sprint 9 experiences

Want to get a report somewhere regarding my experience with the latest release of Screenly OSE (Sprint 9). I am not a developer so not sure the usefulness of this kind of report, but I’m happy to do any discrete testing or retry anything to help:

  1. Installed the image on a new flash card

  2. enabled ssh

  3. booted in Rasp pi 3

  4. configured to local wifi, rebooted

  5. connected via IP - ok

  6. connected via ssh - ok. (set timezone, rebooted)

  7. added 6 assets (images), played around with web interface, rebooted it a few times, everything works good and looks great. love the new system info and places the interface was cleaned up.

  8. as an aside I guess the weather shows correct time, but clock still doesn’t honor local time.

  9. I add a URL asset (my solar array dashboard) which starts to load the screen, but screen stays white. After the time set for that asset, it moves on and cycles thru the rest just fine, but the solar dashboard won’t display. This is a continuing issue I’ve reported a couple times before.

Thought to try the experimental build and a few issues arose:

  1. using the update command over ssh, I selected update to experimental + docker, nothing else, it updated, asked to reboot, i said yes and it reboots but hangs at the beginning displaying:
    a dark screen with ‘plymouth-reboot.service’ (or something like that) at bottom left and nothing more.
  2. power cycle… comes up fine
  3. try a reboot again over ssh (sudo reboot now) and it reboots but hangs on bright blue screenly screen showing ‘rc-local.service’ in bottom left.
  4. power cycling fixes it and it works again.

The normal screen slides continue to run thru properly but the solar dashboard still just shows whitescreen and nothing else.

The URL for the dashboard is:

Information about what the dashboard needs in browser ability:

The solar display was the main impetus to installing our main screen here and up until some screenly update (or solaredge code change) last fall it worked pretty well.

Thanks for all the work you guys do on this!

Hi bhagemann!
Thank you for your contribution of the project! We will try to reproduce all the issues you have described and solve them.