Weather widget not showing data

The Screenly weather widget will display all data when the URL is copied to my PC, however, on the Pi3 Screenly OSE it displays the icons for location, time, and date and has the large S on the screen, but the data is missing. Images and videos are playing on the Screenly OSE system. Widgets had been working a few months ago but the data stopped showing up and I have tried several times creating new assets with the correct location but the results have been the same - no data, just the icons.

Mind posting a picture/screenshot of this?

Good morning, I have enclosed the picture of the Screenly Weather image. The URL that I am using is:

Can I ask which branch of Screenly OSE you are using, just so I can try to replicate the issue?

Using raspberry Pi3 and the screenly OSE version is: production@d12df55

Hmm… I see that you posted the “production” version/branch, this is a version that was deployed with the “uzbl” browser which is not in development anymore and does not support many new web technologies therefore before I even explain what this is all about or that it means, I would simply say that you need to reinstall OSE and it will as of today force an install of the latest/master branch, which comes with the webview browser which will work just like it does on your computer.

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