Admin panel password reset screenly OSE

Is there a way to reset password to web admin panel over SSH connection or by physically removing SD card and modifying settings? I did some customization to the install and do not want reinstall it

I haven’t touched this code myself, but from a quick glance at the source code, I think it’s stored in the config file. If you’re on the production branch, this should be available in ~/.screenly/screenly.conf.

For some reason I can’t find screenly.conf
Here is my screenly DIR

~/screenly $ ls
ansible package.json package-lock.json static
bin Procfile templates
docker templates_orig requirements tests
docker-compose.yml tools
docs server.pyc
LICENSE settings.pyc

Sure, ls doesn’t shows hidden files (i.e. files starting with a .) by default. Do ls -lah and you’ll see them.

As viktor mentions, the exact file is here:

nano /home/pi/.screenly/screenly.conf

You can edit the [auth basic] section if you forgot your web admin password by setting both lines to simply something like:

password = passwordyouwant
user = admin

restart the screenly services by running sudo systemctl restart screenly-*
and when you visit the web URL just type in admin and passwordyouwant and it should let you in.

Thank you for your help, I was able to find [auth_basic] section but once I change password to plain text screenly boots into CLI.

Nevermind, it worked . Thank you for all your support.

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