How do I set a password in Screenly on the new Raspberry Pi4?

On the last 6 Screenly OSE installs we have lost the ability to add a password. In the past we went into Settings and it was an option, to name the unit and set the password, but this is no longer an option. Is there a way for me to add a password after the software has been installed on the Raspberry Pi?

Do you mean the password for the pi user?

Yes, we used to be able to set it inside the Screenly interface by selecting settings, but it is no longer an option.


The first thing you need to do is to get to the CLI. This can be done either via SSH or by connecting a keyboard to the Raspberry Pi and pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1. Then you enter the login credentials. As you know the username is pi. The default password after a new installation of RaspiOS is “raspberry”.
After that you can access the configuration interface with “sudo raspi-config”. There you choose the “System Options” and then you can change the password.
If you have chosen the way with the keyboard, you can quit the CLI with Ctrl + Alt + F2.

I hope I could help you with this.