Anthias API Removed from web interface?


For my project, I am looking to use the Anthias API to manage assets in a cenrtralised location. This would then allow me to push and remove content to all our Raspberry Pi devices with essentially 1 click.

Before, like a month or so more, I was able to go to the web interface and click the API button at the bottom and it would open a swagger page of the API. I have checked today and it’s been removed?

Any idea why?
Also any tips and approaches would be much appriciated as I am very new to APIs and Anthias/Screenly.
Would it be better to use Screenly OSE? As thats where I can see the API:


This is what the page should look like. Taken from a Pi running Screenly OSE:


Seems to be back up now

Hi @Bread , Thanks for the update.