Anthias White screen on certain kinds of websites, Screenly OSE still working

Hi Everyone.

We have a few Raspberry Pi 3’s running the older version of Screenly OSE working nicely but we had to buy a Raspberry Pi 4 due to shortages, there was only the development version I think at the time, for the RPi4 so I don’t have an image of the older Screenly for it.
When trying to use Anthias on the RPi 4 it’s a bit of a struggle, the only way I can get it to successfully install is by using the OS install from the imager and then run the .sh install, which is fine, but once it does run it doesn’t display our internal notification pages anymore.
Anthias just displays a white screen, the pages are built using WordPress, I didn’t build them so I can’t speak to what’s going on there but there were basically built to size and display correctly with Screenly OSE, and they do so well still.
Most other web pages do display correctly, so maybe this is something to do with how WordPress dishes things out?
There is also another page we have running on CivicPlus, that tries to load for a second but goes to white screen as well, I have no idea what they are using on the back end.
I have test just running chromium as an auto launch on the latest Raspi OS and it works well to display the pages but the framing is all wrong as it was tweaked to work on Screenly OSE and whatever it uses to display those pages.

I’d rather use Anthias but if I can’t get it to work is there a way to fall back to whatever webviewer the older Screenly releases were using?
Manually install it perhaps?
I can see the Qt5 webviewer releases in there but have no idea how to utilize them in anyway.
If it’s possible to install just the older webviewer components on an install of Raspi Lite or something, without the webserver, that would be cool, we just need the ability to display the page and not the GUI necessarily.


Hey Plantdood,

we do have a possible same issue.
The solution for us was to set a fixed width on the website.
Here you have to be careful, because View Height and View Width can override this. (This was also our problem)
So we set the whole document to HD - resolution and worked only with height and width : 100% instead of 100vh or 100wh.

Hope it helps.


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Wow I have the exact same problem, even down to it being built with wordpress.

Hey Nocx, how did you find that problem? our site uses beaver builder, so setting the page to a specific width isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I think I got it but i was wondering what method you used.

ok, so here is what i did, and I’m pretty sure it worked.

I’m just displaying a gallery slideshow on a single page, but I set the gallery to have a unique ID and then set the width with manual css. Looks like it works now, but ill keep you in the loop if it doesn’t.

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I only found the problem because I included an image (url to an image) which had a size specified as a parameter. This worked great.
When I removed the sizeparameter, I also got a white screen on the image.
So I looked what dimensions the image had. It was above the HD dimensions. Therefore, I have also tried this on the websites.
This means fixed sizes on the page and avoided VH and VW in CSS.

This worked after that