Can Screenly be accessible to the public internet?

Hello Everybody!

I have installed Screenly OSE in my Raspberry and it runs correctly, but… my question is…
Can I manage screenly, for example with my mobile phone, from outside LAN?
Thank u.


Sure, you can do this by setting up something like port forwarding, or a VPN (or other similar technologies).

However, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, check out the commercial version of Screenly that comes with remote management built-in, among many other things. Take a look at this page for the differences between the open source and commercial version.

This is an old thread, but for anyone coming to it late…

  • if you run/access Screenly via Balena then it offers a public URL, one you can access remotely over the internet. That would allow you bring up Screenly on your mobile phone and it works pretty well.