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UI not reachable from the internet

I have had 3 screenly PI’s at a remote location for well over a year now. Recently one died on me and yesterday I was able to do a fresh install on a new SD. This is obviously the latest version of Screenly, but it comes with some headaches. As it now works with HTTPS in stead of HTTP, my script on the first PI which uses the api of all 3 pi’s to synchronise the displayed assets, had to be changed for this new PI to use https and a curl --ignore for the new connection and the lack of credentials/ssl installed.

I thought all was working fine, but found out the UI is not accessable from outside the network. I have set up port-forwarding. Locally I can access the user interface by connecting to https:// from my laptop.

However, this was not working when I try to connect from the internet. The port to the SSH is however available, and I can access it remotely.

Only this morning I realised that when surfing to an HTTPS, it is not using port 80, but port 443. And it is port 80 that is in the modem-router set up to be forwarded. I found that the usage of the port is set in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/screenly.conf. I saw that port 80 is given a 301 upon usage. I removed that server / 80 part, and replaced it with the server /80 part of one of the older pi’s. This way I expected to get access to the UI again. However, no connection can be made from home.

Is there any other location I need to change something to get access to the pi via http for now (only next month I am on location again, when I can try to change the router settings)