Screenly with LTE Stick

I managed to get the Raspberry with a working internet connection but Screeny thinks there is no internet connection and just shows the WiFi Hotspot page. I installed a ddns tool to and connected it with an account which get the current external IP from the LTE-Stick. But i cant communicate with it from outside. Anyone tried someting similar and got it to work?

I can’t speak to why screenly thinks there is no internet connection, but have you verified you are able to reach outside with the pi?

As for communicating to your pi from the outside, did you establish port forwarding rule on your router?

I found an other APN that give the stick not a Telekom private IP but a real external IP, now if i type in these i can see the balena screen for connecting to a WiFi. But why? i allready have Internet access. So now i just need to get the ddns to work and screenly.

Edit: if i connect the pi with a cable, and pull it out than everything works, so all i have to do is to, idk let it think there is a connection?

Edit 2: I think Screenly is looking vor an active connection from wlan0 or eth0, so if there is ppp0 interface withi an active connection, Sceenly doesnt know it and doesnt check it. So i think i need to find where Screenly checks eth0 oder wlan0 if up an maybe add the ppp0 interface.

Edit 3: Well i comment out the line

if __name__ == "__main__":

just for fun and rebooted the pi. Now it shows a screen saying something like, cant resolve ip address, and after a minute it shows the assets and it works.
And in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/screenly.conf i changed the upstream wifi-connect IP from


I don’t know what and why I did that, but in the end it kind of works how i want soo… :smile: