Enable SSL encryption for Webpage config

Hi everyone.

In previous versions, it could be enabled so that the connection to the administration panel was through SSL protocol (I remember that it was editing a file), example: httpS:// Now, with the latest version downloaded on the website today I can’t find that function. Is it still possible? How do you configure it?

Thank you very much for the help and merry Christmas!

You will need to either ssh in to the pi, or connect a keyboard and log in. Once logged in, there is a script to run. It is called enable_ssl.sh, and is located in /screenly/bin. Just run that script and it will set everything up for you. You can then log in via a https page. The browser may gripe about it being an insecure connection, but it is secure and safe to connect to.

Merry Christmas!

Ouh yeah. Thanks a lot!