Installing Screenly OSE with balenaCloud

I tried to install Screenly with balena using the latest repo (master branch). It built just fine.
Here in balena, I used “production” as the device variant type (OS variant). I can access the Screenly dashboard using public device url. But if I add some assets and activate them, it does not appear in the screen.

I notice that I’m getting error such as

DENIED Redis is running in protected mode because protected mode is enabled, no bind address was specified, …

I tried all the solutions mentioned in the below link, but no use.
How to turn off ‘protected-mode’ in Redis?%20Just%20disable%20protected%20mode,to%20make%20this%20change%20permanent.)

Can you guys suggest me some tips to get rid of this issue?

This sounds like something that has been fixed recently. Pull down the latest changes to the master branch and redeploy to Balena.

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I have exactly the same problem. I did the build recently and used the screenly-ose-master zip downloaded from gitHub on 3/12/2020. How can I check if there has been an update?

I will repeat the process when I get time but in the meantime if anyone has fixed this issue I’d like to know


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I downloaded and deployed the “master” version yesterday evening and it’s now working fine. I have also noticed that Screenly does not display when connected via an HDMI - VGA convertor but it works fine when plugged directly into my TV. I assume this is because my cheap HDMI to VGA convertor can’t cope with the resolution set by Screenly

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Yeah this is most likely due to the HDMI handshake not working. You might be able to work around that by setting hdmi_force_hotplug=1. You might also need to some of the other settings.

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