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Screenly on balenacloud not start displaying

hi guy!! i’m new on screenly and balena, and i can’t find a solution for my problem.
after install balena image(most recent image) on raspberry py 2 with only ethernet connection configuration, i have proceeded to install screenly-ose (most recent image from github) with balena CLI, deployed, but at the start the raspberry pi show only the balena logo. on balena cloud i can see the management page of screenly-ose, i can upload assets. on balena cloud i have tryed to chande some options but nothing… on raspberry pi i can just see displayed balena logo…

please i need help. thank you for the patience and sorry for my english.

ah! on balena cloud every service of screenly are running, and on logs nothing errors.

Normally, you should follow these instructions for deploying Screenly OSE to Balena. However, I’m having some issues with this myself at the moment and it appears as the build process to fail somewhere in Balena. Since you’re using a Pi 2, you could work around it using git push balena master, but that won’t be optimized fully.

Hi all


Were you able to fix the issue?

I’m also interested in finding a solution for my Raspberry Pi 2. I have exactly the same behaviour.

I followed these instructions:

Booting up the Pi stops at the Balena logo.
Balena Dashboard shows Raspberry up and running and also all Screenly services seem to be running without errors shown in the logs. I can reboot and restart the rpi from the Dashboard but always stuck at BalenaOS Logo.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you.