Move dead screenly settings

i have a screenly that won’t boot, the file system still seems intact. How can i pull my screenly ose settings from it and save them on a new build?

In an ideal world, you’d recover it from a backup (using the native backup/recover feature). Short of that, you could copy the content of /home/pi/screenly over to a new installation. The most critical files would be the database file (screenly.db) and the assets folder.

i’ve restored and old backup, and that brought back the system, things like the name of the pi and such. However the slides are still factory fresh. i’ve tried copying over the screenly.db as well and nothing changes. is there someplace else the besides /home/pi/screenly that it wold be looking? Or is there a way i can open that db to see if there was an accurate backup?

All my slides are web url’s, no actual media files.

so i extracted the backup and dug down to the screenly.db file and opened that in db browser for sq-lite. opened up the file and in a table was able to get the url’s that i used.