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Asset stuck in processing

I have an asset that seems to be stuck in processing, any idea how to get rid of this?


Sorry I haven’t experienced this one, maybe just a reboot of the web service? or whole Pi?

To restart the service you can run the command:
sudo systemctl restart screenly-web.service

yeah i tried this but its still there, I thought there would be a way to get rid of the asset, no worries I will keep looking into it

Well the assets are kept on sqlite but unless you’re familiar with sql commands I dont recommend messing with it, but I know one way to sort of “reset” the assets, you dont lose any of the configuration or assets:


I dont remember exactly why you might get a permission denied, if you do, just do:
chmod 744 /home/pi/screenly/bin/
and then try again.
You can also do the file that is in that bin folder as well, just pick the same options you selected when you installed screenly, and if you enabled ssl then you have to run that file after as well, its in the bin called , again, you dont lose any assets or data by running these.

Hi there I am still having this issues any ideas before I start again with the pi?

@agentdogit - try pulling down the latest updates. There were some fixes rolled out recently related to what I think is the root cause (i.e. the migration as @ealmonte32 alluded to).

sorted it now i reimaged the sd card with the latest version and all is good now

Thanks for your help