RTSP stream not working

Im having problems adding rtsp streams to my anthias installation.
When I click save on Add asset I get this error message:
Server Error: name “mplayer” is not defined

The stream is working, I can watch on VLC.
What can I do to get this working?


No ideas on what I could do?
I would really like to view my rtsp feed on the anthias.

This is a known issue:

Didn´t find this thread before.
The sollution in this thread to change viewer.py and /lib/utils.py does not work for me.
Still does not play the RTSP stream.

If it has been a known issue for this long, are there a permanent fix for it coming soon?

It’s not on the short term priority list. The efforts are spent on some tech debt at the moment. Having said that, contributions would be welcome.