Screenly on shared web server

Hi Guys, I already have a webpage running on the Pi with a static IP address eg: - this webpage is displayed when I hit the ip on my network.

I installed the Screenly OSE on the Pi and did NOT install the Network Manager.

After installation the Screenly screen connected to the Pi displays the ip address of - but if I hit this I just see my webpage.

How can I change the Screenly admin page to broadcast on a different IP ?


Hi @tyronemc2 – this is not really a supported use case. Screenly will assume that it can listen on port 80 (http), so if you already have a webserver in place, this will break.

What you need to do (unless you want to manually want to maintain a fork of Screenly OSE), you will need to reconfigure your webserver to listen on any other port than 80 (such as 8000). How to do this depends on the webserver.

@vpetersson - thanks for the answer. I will look into changing the ports. How does screenly get served though ? I dont see anything for screenly in the /var/www/ folders I see it in home/pi/screenly only.

There’s an appserver running inside Docker. Port 80 is forwarded/proxied to this server.