Screenly Dropping WiFi

We have a location that has two screenly devices connected to different Televisions, one on the left and one on the right. They are mounted to a wall about 15 feet up and are separated by about 15 feet from each other. We started seeing issues with the unit on the left dropping connection to the screenly web client. We are able to ping the device as well as see it in our Wireless Controller. Once we reboot the device, it loses the wireless connection for good. Upon troubleshooting the issue, when booting into the device and attempting to re-connect it to the wireless, there are no wireless networks that show up on the interface.
We ended up completely replacing the hardware, which had the same issue after a few days. Afterwards we moved the wireless access point around, which seemed to help, however, we have ran into the same issue this morning with the client.
Due to replacing the hardware, I can say that we have eliminated that as an option. I am stuck currently as I am having an issue determining if the issue might be the screenly OS or the wireless network that is causing this. The devices that we are using a Rasperry Pi version 4 and we are using the version of the OS that is downloaded from the screenly website when we select to add a new screen.
Does anyone have any suggestions by chance?

Can you post the results of command iwconfig from the Pi once it has established the connection to the wifi? If you can ping it but say that it has “lost connection to screenly web client”, can you explain a bit more what does that mean? what is the screenly web client?
Are you using wpa_supplicant.conf to join the wireless network? or the raspi-config method and entering the information manually…
You said you selected the version of the OS that is downloaded from the screenly website when you select to add a new screen, is this Screenly OSE or the commercial Pro version?

your results from iwconfig should look something like this: