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Server Error: not a gzip file

When uploading a screenplay generated backup after the upload is completed I receive the following message:
Server Error: not a gzip file

This seems a little strange since screenly generated the file. I have not tampered with the file since it was downloaded except place it on a NAS for backup purposes.

Any ideas why this is happening. My device is running on balena if that makes for anything.


What os and browser are you on? IIRC, Safari on macOS automatically extracts compressed files. Not sure if this is true for gzip files too, but I know if’s true for zip files.

This sounds like what has been happening to my testing of it, when i extracted the contents of the “backup” , the screenly_assets folder was empty, thus when @lstocky is “restoring” the file, it isnt actually restoring anything since there isnt anything inside that file (i am 99% sure of this) only if you extract the file and check the contents of it can we know 100% if this is the issue with balena and backup task not properly going to the correct folder location for backing up the data.

MacOS 10.14.6 (18G4032)
Can reproduce when using the ‘Upload and Recover’ tool on both:

  • Safari: Version 13.1.2 (14609.
  • Chrome: Version 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

My backup file has a .tar extension - should it be gzip? (Not sure which browser I used to download the backup in the first place.

in my case the tar file contains

6 files with long strings for file names, listed as ‘unix exectuables’

Yep, so this is most likely what happened. It should be .tar.gz, but your browser extracted the first part (i.e. removed the .gz). If you need to restore it, the best way is probably to simply compress it.

On macOS, this is easily done. Just pop open a Terminal and run gzip foo.tar (where you replace foo with your file).

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thanks @vpetersson - that did it. :grinning:

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Another way it’s to use Firefox for first

a) Get Backup and then

b) Upload and Recover.