Suggested development environment


My name is Alberto. I’ve just registered to this forum because I plan to invest some time developing a couple of new features for Screenly-OSE.

Could anyone point me toward a suggested development environment? I usually write code on a Mac (Macbook Pro / iMac) and have several RapPis around. Being this a Python project I guess it could be developed/debugged on the Mac and then moved to the Pi. Would be that ok?

Somewhere in github the doc talks about a docker environment for development. What it means? An RPi docker environment? Or is meant to be run somewhere else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !


although it is a python project, it runs on raspbian linux, so yes you could fix and contribute to the code in that sense, but you would also need to know linux in order to understand how everything works together…

the contributions you would make need to be done in screenly-ose Github page as you know… ( … i would start by going into the Issues section and checking out some of the issues, pull requests, projects, and try to start helping contribute fixes to the code that way…

docker environment is just how screenly is setup/deployed in the balena cloud environment ( and yes you would install the balena OS image onto the RPi but the screenly app runs as a docker container.