Does latest Screenly OSE work on 2014 B+ V1.2 Pi?

Trying to run Raspberry Pi LITE and Screenly OSE on old RPi (2014 B+ V1.2 ). Is this a mismatch?? LITE installs with no issue, then I run bash <(curl -sL and it seems to run and requests reboot. Pi boots to “raspberrypi login:” and I never see Screenly. Yes, I don’t know what I am doing LOL
Thanks in advance!

First, to make sure the containers are up and running, type:
docker ps

you should get an outcome of docker container names and stuff… if there are no containers or list is empty, that explains it, so to fix it, from the login console type:

post a screenshot of the results of that when it finishes doing what it should, but it should work if that script completes successfuly.

Thank-you, ealmonte32!

When I enter “docker ps” I get “Segmentation fault” .

When I enter ./screenly/bin/ I get …“line 23: 6079 Segmentaion fault”

Thanks again!!!

Hmm… I’ve never seen that, you’re trying to install this on a Pi version 1? I cant find anything that says it is supported by docker-ce, try to run sudo apt install docker-ce and see what you get…

Thank-you again ealmonte32 !
I have moved on to a 2017 image found online that has promise (or at least brought up Screenly once LOL). Before the most recent image installation if I entered “docker ce or docker ps” I received "docker is not recognized…yada, yada, yada.
…will let it rest for the time being. I appreciate your suggestions!!!
cc :slight_smile: