Update Browser for Use


We always get the message on google maps that the browser is not up-to-date when we display the google maps with traffic. What can we do about it?


Are you running this on the experimental branch?

I do not understand what you mean. We installed the last OSE Image from GIT (2019-09-25) on a Raspberry 3B.

I will take that as a no.

Ok, I can test on an experimental branch for you if you give me the URL to test.

Yes here is the link.


so qt web view browser does support webGL which is what google maps defaults to i believe (3D mode they call it), and even when i tested in 2D mode (http://maps.google.com/?force=canvas) it loads for a few seconds and then it automatically redirects the browser to the “not supported browser” page… which is weird… as far as i know the person who implemented qt web view browser into the experimental branch of screenly is @rusko and unless he can easily fix it (whether it needs to add webgl support/library/module/etc), then it wont work…

I know you probably wont understand this section but I am writing it as a self note as well

i did notice that the libqt5webkit5-dev package was not installed when i ran dpkg -l on the experimental branch, but since the exp branch runs a docker.service i guess when the qt webview browser was built/installed inside the container, it was done with the packages required… we would need to create our own dockerfile and add all of the libraries/packages possible in order to see if it is just missing one… also EGLFS seems like something dealing with the graphics in qt web engine, maybe that needs to be reconfigured…