Page not rendering

Hello Screenly Community, I am having trouble getting the following URL below to display with Screenly OSE. It does seem to work with the paid version (I used the 15 day free trial). I tried the experimental branch, but I couldn’t boot after I tried the upgrade. I suspect its a UZBL thing, but was wondering if there is any chance this will work with OSE version.

URL in question:

Thanks for such a great project, it is really useful.

I can confirm this specific website is currently not working on the experimental branch which uses Qt WebView as the browser and not uzbl.

OK thanks for taking the time to confirm experimental. Is the paid version of Screenly using some special magic that OSE does not have then?

as per @vpetersson states, the paid version does not share the code with the open source version so it does use completely different system, if you want more info on that I would suggest contacting him… sorry.