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Screenly OSE - showing Screenly Logo and stops showing assets

i’m having issues with my screenly OSE insatallation. Although i have 10 .png Assets active and scheduled, the viewer keeps showing the screenly Logo after the last asset was shown. The screenly Logo stays on for a minute or two before it cycles back to the first asset. Before that happens the last asset in line is shown for longer than it should

I’m on a Model 3B+ Revision: 1.3 Ram: 1 GB Sony UK
release: production@d12df55
on a SanDisk Ultra A1 32GB

Did i miss something essential?

I already swapped the pi and the card.

I’m greatful for any suggestions.

Regards from Berlin,

Could you try upgrading to the developer version to see if that solves the issue?

I just switched to a balena installation and now the the png Assets work fine. But now my .mp4 videos are not playing. They are encoded in h264, i increased the gpu_mem capacity to 192. Is there a maximum file size for videos? They are about 20 seconds long and have a full hd resolution

Showing asset Endo.mp4 (video)
srly-ose-viewer Asset URI /data/screenly_assets/0fe66946e8a34b1890bffe9fa32b653c.mp4
srly-ose-viewer Displaying video /data/screenly_assets/0fe66946e8a34b1890bffe9fa32b653c.mp4 for 14
srly-ose-viewer Reading config-file…
srly-ose-viewer Current url is null

The Raspberry Pi is very picky when it comes to codecs. Could you try with this video? Needs to be unzipped first. If that works, then it’s most likely a codec issue with the video. There are almost infinite ways to encode an h264 videos.

Nope it’s the sam behaviour. When the Video should start, the screen goes black. Stays that way for about 5 seconds and then starts the next asset in line

If you switched to Balena, did you make sure to deploy it as per these instructions?

First i did it with the balena push command, now i redid it with the instructions from your github file using the deploy script. It did not help.
the build command issued the following errors after every container.
Screenly runs, but does not show your test video. (which is awesome by the way, thank you!)

[Build] srly-ose-celery standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused “exec format error”
[Build] Built 5 services in 0:04
[Error] Deploy failed
The command ‘/bin/sh -c pip install --no-cache-dir -r /tmp/requirements.txt’ returned a non-zero code: 1

we have running older screenly build fine till now.
All assests created in 2021 are not playing - blank screen !!!
temp FIX : selected Dec.2020 as start date for new created assets!!

Hmm, that’s very odd. Looks like Balena is trying to build it using the wrong architecture. Could you try posting that on the Balena forum as it seems Balena specific.

Hello! Thank you for your time. I’ve opened up a topic there with that issue

i’ve fixed the problem by choosing the non 64bit Balena OS version. I’m sorry i did not think of that earlier, could i’ve known that from any hint in your repo?

Oh and i used the Deploy with balena button in the repo as suggested in the balena forum.

Thanks for your help.

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