Black screen between still image and a video

I had hoped that if I started the first frame of a video as my background image, and then had other things appear ontop of it that playback would seemlessly transistion from the still image to the video when I called the API command to display the video,

But it seems to black out the signal abruptly, and then there are many frames of black before the video starts to play. Is this something that is solvable or just inherent in something as underpowered as the pi for doing this? I dont really want to have to get a PC and OBS to do this task.

It’s a bit of a challenge to do this entirely seamless OSE, as we rely on omxplayer for video playback. Since this is a separate process that is spawned and overlays on top of the X11 interface. The first frame might very well be caused by omxplayer as it captures the framebuffer interface. In the commercial version of Screenly we have solved this by using a different playback mechanism, but this isn’t available in OSE unfortunately.