Video image not playing on Screenly OSE with Pi 3b

I updated my Pi3b to the newest version of Screenly OSE. In the previous version I was able to play videos but now the screen goes blank and then the next image file will appear after 10 seconds or so. I have tried .mov and .mp4 files with the same result. Currently running:
Load Average 0.65
Free Space 22G
Memory Total: 733 | Used: 449 | Free: 39 | Shared: 29 | Buff: 17 | Available: 191
Uptime 0 days and 14.73 hours
Monitor Info state 0xa [HDMI CEA (4) RGB lim 16:9], 1280x720 @ 60.00Hz, progressive
Display Power (CEC) None
Raspberry Pi Model Model 3B (Embest)
Screenly OSE Version master@f310406

I see posts similar but with Pi4 and/or balenaCloud but have not seen any solutions or work arounds to get the videos to play again.

The “known issue” only affects Pi 4 on Balena. Pi 4 works just fine on Raspbian.

My gut feel tells me this is related to lack of GPU memory, or for whatever reason vlc is choking on the new video.

Are you able to provide a copy of a) the video and b) the content of /boot/config.txt.

The video files are very small and have worked in the past have used .mov under 100 mb

@bnupen , I tested sample 10 second videos on my pi3b test system and they worked…
Are you running Buster or Bullseye?

I am running version 11 bullseye


I also experienced this even with 10 MB 10 second video file on bullseye, weird.
I will run the buster lite raspbian image and see if that makes a difference since I was able to play such videos before latest version as well.