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Can't display Java Script Objects

I’m trying to use Screenly to display a couple of energy monitoring dashboards eg.

The dynamic javascript elements of the page are not displayed. I’ve tried the standard SD card image and installing the experimental branch but neither approach worked. Is there anything else I can try?

Is there a way to view any client side java script errors? I’m one of the developers of Emoncms, we aim to make Emoncms compatible with all browsers, maybe there is something we can improve to enable Screenly integration. I think Screently looks like a really nice way to present different dashboards on a public display.

Well, these dashboards would work on the commercial version of screenly, but if you need to see what the errors are, you can install screenly-ose and use VNC viewer to control the screen on the Pi and right click on the page and inspect the errors/console.

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