Screenly & Databox

Hi All,

I just installed the Screenly OSE and I’m trying to get it working with a single Databox Dashboard.

I’ve uploaded an image, URL (just < this one works) and then the Databox Streaming URL for the Dashboard. But when the Databox URL comes up, it’s just a blank screen (white)

Any ideas? I’m pretty sure we’ll go for the paid version should this solve our use case.


@grantsnapt - You can’t compare OSE with the paid version. They don’t even share the same code base and use different browsers, so they behave very differently.

That said, you might give the experimental version of Screenly OSE a try to see if that solves the issue.

Hi there,

No need. I found another solution :slight_smile:

@grantsnapt, what was your solution? We are facing the same problem.