Character and number is displayed on screen side

A character and number sometime is displayed on edge of the screen when we display WebPage, picture (GIF format) by screenly.
A part of contents are not displayed.
We would like to erase A character and number.

We use Raspberry Pi 3 and Bullseye 64bit.
Please let us know information you need to solve the issue.

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This is something I was also experiencing for a few months and I thought it was because of low voltage, but it is just seems to be some random numbers generated and no idea from what service because its not memory locations, its as if the rng-tools-debian.service is showing the numbers it generates on the screen overlay… it is the only thing I can think of that could be showing those numbers there…

I’ve had some luck by using avoid_warnings=2 but that’s only because i do use initial_turbo for about a min on my boot config.

Interesting. I’ve never seen this myself or heard about this issue before. Your lead on having too lowe power would be my initial hunch too. Using avoid_warnings=2 should be avoided in general, as you’re just hiding the real problem.

Were you able to reproduce this with an adequate power supply?

No I have not tried with original power supply since this is just a testing unit, that might be the issue if this user confirms he/she is also using non standard 5v 2.5A supply…

Thank you for advise.
I try to change high power voltage.

I had this. There were two sources of the text. Once was hwmon complaining about poor voltage, and putting avoid_warnings=2 in /boot/config.txt made them go away (though I agree using a better power supply is a better solution). The other source was something inside the Anhios code. I never found what was actually printing the numbers, but I found a way to hide them.

Edit /etc/systemd/system/screenly-host-agent.service, and change the ExecStart line to use a shell script.

#ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 /home/root/screenly/

Create that shell script with these contents:

#!/bin/bash –
/usr/bin/python3 /home/root/screenly/ 2> /dev/null

chmod 755 /home/root/screenly/