Japanese pages are displayed in Chinese font.

I tried Screenly-OSE.
When I view a Japanese page, it is displayed in Chinese font.

I am having the same problem as just described on this site.

What can I do to view the page in Japanese font?

raspberry pi 3B+ Bullseye 32bit
I installed Screenly-OSE with “bash <(curl -sL https://install-ose.srly.io)”.
I set the locale to ja_JP.UTF-8.
When I connect with ssh, correct Japanese is displayed.

Translated with DeepL

I had helped someone before with similar issue, but his was chinese fonts.

But, it work the same, here is the github issue, you should read it and when you rebuild the containers with the japanese font package included, it should work just like it did for me and that person.

The latest version of the development branch picture preview white screen · Issue #1498 · Screenly/screenly-ose (github.com)

Once you find the font that includes the one you need, as you can read from the github issue, you add it to the Dockerfile.viewer, example say the font is this one: Debian – Details of package xfonts-shinonome in bullseye

then you go into the Pi console, edit the ./screenly/docker/Dockerfile.viewer file, add the package xfonts-shinonome or whichever other font package you know will include the japanese ones you need, then edit the ./screenly/bin/upgrade_containers.sh script and replace the up -d parameters with the build on the last line similar to how I showed on that github issue screenshot (keep in mind that was a version of docker-compose with the whole command being one word, and now we use docker compose which is a different newer version and parameters are diff). This will rebuild the screenly viewer and have support for the japanese fonts.