Docker is giving 7806 Segmentation faults

I am trying to install Anthias on a Raspberry Pi Zero W (v1) on OS Lite with the bash curl (following instructions from the git page).
It gets through installation with 69 ok’s 45 changes, 0 failed and 14 skipped.

Once it gets to the running point it returns segmentation fault errors. Trying to get any information from docker in the command line also returns segmentation fault, so I suspect it’s docker.

This is a out of the box micro SD with Raspberry Pi OS Lite fresh install. Can anyone provide some insight?

Docker on the Pi Zero is a bit iffy. I would try reinstalling Raspbian just to see if that sorts it out.

Thanks Viktor, I tried to use the Legacy OS Lite as well as an old Raspbian img with no luck. On legacy it does not even go through with the install (only lasts about a minute before it asks to reboot).

If I use one of the pre-compiled Balena images for Pi 1 it boots to Anthias splash screen and the ACT light will start the 4 blink pattern - it does this on multiple clean micro SD cards.

Honestly, i’d just pick up a newer Pi board (like the Pi 4). The Zero isn’t powerful enough for any real life use cases for Anthias.