Does anyone experience seeing a HTTP Bad Gateway error on the display when deploying new Anthias on your own Balena fleet?

I’ve been experiencing seeing a bad gateway error on the TV screen when I push new changes (via balena push) on my Pi 3 and/or Pi 4. I’m also experiencing this issue when debugging stuff.

One workaround that I do is to restart the Raspberry Pi.

Follow-up questions…

  • Does anyone experience this on Balena images as well (especially if there’s a new push/update)?

I don’t use Anthias with Balena, but I do know that they’re still working out bugs with the Balena version:

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I believe Nico is one of the developers…? I hadn’t attempted an upgrade of Anthias on Balena since January 24th.

Yes, I’m one of the developers. The reason for asking is that I’m curious if it’s just an internal problem, or if it’s affecting other users/developers as well. Thanks for pointing that one out.

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