Enabling & Disabling assets in bulk

Does anyone know a way to bulk enable and disable assets in Screenly OSE?

My case scenario;
We run Screenly OSE at the volunteer theatre I volunteer at. We make no profit, hence using Screenly OSE for running our auditorium ads. These adds run until 1m before a show when we enable a blank slide, then at the interval invert the list. We currently do this manually which can take a lot of time.

So, does any one know a way we can either script this? Or do it via http url shortcut?


Hi @Anthony - The best way to do this would be to use the API. It should be possible to script this fairly easily using your programming language of choice.

Hi vpetersson,

Thanks for your reply. A long time since I’ve coded! But familiar with php and cgi, although I’m guessing JavaScript would be more the form for this on a local computer?

I’ve looked into the API a little, and I couldn’t see an easy way (apart from methods I’m not familiar with) to achieve this? I’m guessing I’d need to grab the ID of the “blank” slide programmatically?

I guess the pseudo for my two buttons would be:
Disable all and enable blank
Disable all elements
Find id of blank slide
Enable blank slide

Enable all except blank
    Enable all elements
    Find id of blank slide
    Disable blank slide

The one problem I have had, is that if I get too trigger happy with the web interface I get an error that says the db is locked. I’d hate this to happen during the code execution.

Help appreciated!

Oh by the way, I also have tools like qlab and applescript; and stream deck and companion available too. Although I know Screenly doesn’t support OSC at the moment.