Free Standing LED Displays

Hi All,
One of our customers is looking to get freestanding LED Displays like below for their cinema:

From my research, I can see that the majority of these types of displays are working on an Android OS. From a management perspective, this would add a large amount of extra work to go around and update/manage these displays, even if it’s only a half dozen units.

They’re going to be using Screenly for all their menu boards and other displays, but I’m hoping you might know if it’s possible to get this type of display for working with Screenly? Or perhaps it’s possible to “Hack” the OS on these to install Screenly and function like that?
Any insight into a solution here would be great,

Many thanks,

Why not just hook up a raspberry?
Windows sucks for applications like this.
Lots of things that run but don’t need.
And need more maintaince…