How to delete backups?

I regularly back up my Anthias instances and after I download the backup from the web interface, I usually SSH into the instance and delete the backups (they linger and take up a lot of space), but it’s no longer under /home/pi/screenly/static, but rather the nginx container under /data/screenly/static. I know how to exec bash into this, but when I try to delete the files I get the error:

Is there a different way I should be doing this? Thanks. :slight_smile:

You could try and change this part of the docker-compose file to rw:

I think this was never something to look into because no one is usually backing up the Assets so constantly that they fill up Gigabytes of data in the SD card.

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Got it, I’ll try that. Where is the docker compose file usually stored? I see one in /home/pi/screenly, but I thought this directory was temp from installation.

the is the correct file, you must save the file after the changes and then run ./screenly/bin/ to rebuild the containers.

Is this the right spot? “- resin-data:/data”?

It was “ro”, I changed it to “rw”, rebuilt the containers, but still getting the read-only error unfortunately:

I sent the screenshot that shows the file name and circled the part.

Ohhh nevermind I’m in the wrong yml, I should be in the .overrides.yml!

This worked, thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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