Installing on a Pi 5?

Has anyone tried installing the anthias program on the new pi 5? My office is wanting to get a few more boards, but the pi 5 is the easiest to get right now. im just worried about compatibility.

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Hi @nick.woffard,

Support on Raspberry Pi 5 is ongoing and it’s not compatible at the moment. You can try with Pi4 or Pi3B.

I’ve tried - didn’t work…

Any progress with the RP5?

In theory, the RPI5 still runs Bullseye Lite with no issues. Have you tried Bullseye then running the script?

According to this forum topic (for instance), it might not work, but I wouldn’t hurt to try. I’ll get back to you once I imaged my micro-SD card with Bullseye Lite.

But I agree with you (in theory). It should be backwards-compatible.

EDIT: Didn’t work. I also tried editing config.txt and added os_check=0, but I got a black screen.

I’ve try multiple way of installing it and it doesn’t work. We are gonna have to wait for Anthias to make a version working with pi5.