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Internal Server Error - Wifi?

I am extremely new to Pi’s and I am trying to get Screenly to work. I imaged using the lite build, installed Screenly but when it reboots, I am getting an Internal Server Error.

I actually think the error is because I am not connected to wifi…

So really this problem probably isn’t Screenly but I honestly cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. I went into raspi-config to set the country for wifi, i also entered the ssid and password but it never seems to connect on reboot, i even set it to wait for connection before booting. I verified that the SSID in WPA_supplicant.conf is correct but its just not connecting.

When i type iwconfig, i get that Wlan0 is mananged but access point says “not-associated”. I really don’t know if i’m doing something wrong or its the image i used, i have tried two Pi’s.

Any ideas? This is new as of today so it should have downloaded the latest files.