Moving back and forth through WiFi

I am using Screenly ose for a school project and have to move back and forth regularly. What would be the easiest way to switch through multiple wifi networks from another computer as the raspberry pi I’m using is hard to reach. Thanks

Based on what I’ve found so far I need to delete some file so the raspberry will create the hot spot for me to connect to. Can I access and delete this file with putty from my laptop and if so what is the name of the file I need to remove

Quick question, if you know the access points of the wireless networks you are moving around to why dont you just set all these up via
sudo raspi-config
-network options
so that it creates network profiles for wpa_supplicant and will connect to them when scanning…

I would do that but I do not know all the WiFi networks I will be using.

I’ve been looking around and I saw something about deleting the .screenly/initialized. file so I ran rm .screenly/initialized. It didn’t work. So am I running the command wrong or do I need to try something else. Also does anyone know if this way would work over putty

I am going to try this today, using the screenly image (this-one) flashed onto the SD card, putting the ssh empty file in /boot/ so that I can ssh into the device when it starts after it allows the initial wifi setup.

Then after setting it up with a SSID and putting some test assets/URLs, I am going to change the hotspot name but before I do or before I turn off the device, I will click on the Re-run network detection button and then reboot it.

Any of these steps above you did not do or did you do exactly as I mention?

Yeah I found that about a hour ago I don’t know how I missed it. It works perfectly for what I want. Thanks