WIFI Configuration

How to configure WIFI manually?

Because it doesn’t work with the assistant for me. I tried following the nmcli way - but this won’t work, too (It does not scan for WIFI when integrated AP is active and you are connected with SSH over WIFI). So I’m looking for some way to configure the credentials using a simple configuration file - that’s at least something I can do mounting the SD card on my linux notebook.

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Did you install Network Manager?
Did you try:
sudo raspi-config
and then configure network settings? it is very easy that way, it creates the wpa_supplicant.conf file for you…

the other way is the network interfaces file and manually creating wpa_supplicant config but I see no reason for this if you use the raspi-config menu…

Unfortunately im still stuck on this issue. Yes I created the config with raspi-config.
But it still boots into AP Mode, creating a random hotspot on the internal WIFI device.
Is there any way to stop the automatic AP creation?

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Wait, do you mean the screenly screen that shows up when your device is not configured for wifi? this doesnt work for you? how so?
Unless you connect to that wifi, and then type in your URL browser http://screenly.io/wifi , and configure the SSID of your wifi there, this will always come up as the AP mode, unless you connect an ethernet cable which will then prevent this from coming up since the ethernet connection (if properly working) will establish the connection thus the RPi no longer needs you to give it wifi.

if you want to manually configure the wpa_supplicant.conf then you need to edit this file:


example below is what you keep seeing?


is there any way to avoid the WIFI AP mode whenever network connection failed?
Our screen will be visible from the street (like many I think) and I don’t feel good if the AP mode starts only because local WIFI network had a temporal failure.
Otherwise anybody on the street may try to connect to this device…


Yes, you would need to SSH into the Pi or with physical keyboard connection get to the console (ctl+alt+f1), and disable the wifi-connect.service with command:
sudo systemctl disable wifi-connect.service

If you are using the new experimental version then this has been temporarily disabled so nothing to do on that branch.