No user assets running

I have installed the current image, can also access the web interface of Screenly, can create and activate new assets (image and web). But they are not displayed, only the demoassets are running.
|Option | Value|
|Load Average | 0.2|
|Free Space | 12G|
|Uptime |0 days and 1.66 hours|
|Monitor Info|state 0x6 [DVI DMT (68) RGB full 16:10], 1920x1200 @ 60.00Hz, progressive|
|Display Power|On|
|Raspberry Model|Model 3B Revision: 1.2 Ram: 1 GB Sony UK|
|Screenly Version|production@6c2c2fd|

Thanks for your help
(translated by Deepl)

I would imagine it’s related to the time settings (either in the system, or in the asset).

Verify that the start/end date are correct, and then if that fails, make sure the time is properly set on the Raspberry Pi (it needs to be able to communicate to an NTP server).

Thanks for the tip
after UDP/123 was enabled - does it work