Anthias not starting asset

Hi everybody,

I installed the current Anthias on my Pi3 with Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye Lite the manual way (not with the Raspberry Pi Imager).

It´s more or less working, but if I reboot the Pi, the assets are not starting. The display only shows the screenly logo in drak blue on dark gray background. I have to go to the web page and click on “Next asset”. Then everything is ok, till next reboot.

The asset of cause have a valid start- and end- date and is set as active.

Do you have any Idea?

Hi @gallon,

Can you please wait a few minutes and see if it’s showing the assets or not?

Hi salmanfarisvp,
I´ve waited now ten minutes. No changes.

I don´t know if it helps, but when I reboot, that happens:

  1. Anthias Logo (on purple background) appears
  2. White screen appears for less then a second
  3. The screenly logo appears (blue on black background)
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@gallon Thanks for checking, I will try to reproduce and check with the team and update.

cc @nicomiguelino

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