Outlook 365 - OneDrive display .xlsx Spreadsheet

Hi All,
First post have been trying to get Anthias running on Pi Zero 2W, not that successful.
Swapping to a Pi 4 x 2Gb awaiting its arrival.
Has any one had experience with getting a PWA version of the Outlook 365 version running so I can display a spreadsheet to screen. Seems to me the issue will be initial authentication to allow and store credentials. Any thoughts appreciated…

Thanks Rowan

First, you probably want to replace those Pi Zeros with Pi 4s if you want to be able to play any modern web content.

Second, authentication is tricky. I’m not sure you’ll be able to get this working with Anthias without going in and hack the source code. With Screenly, we have a few ways to log into custom web portals, but this is not available in Anthias.