July 7th 2024, img on PI Imager not working

I created a SD from the image, the SD is 16 GB in size. I put the SD in my Pi4 and boot it up. After a while I get and “Internal Server Error…” message. Wait longer and the Anthias splash screen comes up, but just the logo no information about IP addresses etc.

I have got my Pi4 connected on wired ethernet and WiFi is available. Not sure how to get into any kind of config screen. Any help would be awesome.


@gregorywest501, by any chance, do you have any access to the web interface (given that you know the IP address of your device, probably via your router/gateway)?

If you have access to the web UI, please go to the Integrations page and identify the device UUID. Once you have it you can send it to me via a private message (still in this platform).

I will do that today. See what I can find out.

One thing I have noticed, the WiFi does not link up. Is there somewhere on the SD card I can make sure the settings are correct?