Reset Website Cache without re-flashing SD card


New to Anthias, however I’ve hit a hurdle. I have a site I’m trying to display which relies on an initial QR code scan, problem being that if you scan the wrong QR code, the site displays something different.

Under normal circumstances, I’d be able to clear the cache/cookies for the site, and go through the process again, however I can’t work out where on Anthias that information lies.

Does anyone have any pointers or guidance as to how i can clear the webcache, for website assets uploaded that sort of need a poke to clear any sign-in sessions or cache.


Hi @lloydie11 ,

You can find Anthias architecture here at Anthias/docs/ at master · Screenly/Anthias · GitHub and

and I hope @nicomiguelino can help you with your Cache-related question.