White screen and memory leak


I’m having constant issues with Anthias running out of memory and resulting in white screen.
I can see memory usage slowly ticking up, next day its dead.

I’ve only got one asset, a webpage that I’ve developed myself. It’s using javascript to load same content every 1 minute to keep it in realtime. Never had this issue before just using pi and midori.

Tested with other static pages without much javascript - same result.

Anyone have a solution to this?

@Bicobajas, let me check the issue for the time being, Does the same thing happen for static sites with JavaScript that doesn’t do something on a per-interval basis (e.g., every minute)?

Could you also provide the link to the site that you’re using as a web asset?

@Bicobajas, I’m currently revisiting the following related GitHub issue: Pi lockups after a day · Issue #1722 · Screenly/Anthias · GitHub. I’m trying to investigate and try stuff out on the Qt/C++ side of Anthias.

I was able to replicate the issue on my Pi 3 sooner by adding web assets that are more graphically-intensive. (See this page for details.)

Hello @nicomiguelino,

I’ll PM you the link.

I also added reboot every day outside of operating hours to remedy the problem, it slightly works. But today I was greeted by a completely black screen.

Assets is set up as following:

@Bicobajas, I can see that you’re having a black screen with one web asset being active (in the web UI).

  • Do you still see the black screen if you have other assets (whether it be image, video, or web) enabled and active?
  • Would you be able to provide logs for the anthias-viewer and anthias-server services? You can do so by running the following commands:
cd ~/screenly

# Option 1 - Showing server and viewer logs together.
docker compose logs -ft anthias-server anthias-viewer

# Option 2 - Showing server and viewer logs separately.
docker compose logs -ft anthias-viewer # On one terminal tab/window
docker compose logs -ft anthias-server # On another terminal tab/window


It’s been stable now with only one asset and scheduled reboot of the Pi.

But if i switch over to alternating web assets then the samme issue happens :stuck_out_tongue:

With two alternating web assets enabled and active, how long would it take for your Pi to encounter the memory leak issue?