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Screenly on PI 3b+ - Presenting ClientID to DHCP instead of the DUID?


I want to foresee some IP reservation for my screenly devices in the network.

Screenly is presenting a random DUID to my DHCP server instead of its mac adress.
Making it hard to defining an fixed IP reservation to it.

I’ve got this info from the raspberry forums but how can I change this in my screenly image ?
([SOLVED] DHCP reservation no longer working - Raspberry Pi Forums)

The clientid option is apparently off by default, which is just the MAC address, and the duid option is on by default, which is the MAC address, prefixed by some “random” 8 bytes of data

That options can be changed in the In /etc/dhcpcd.conf there is a section which turns on one or other of the options clientid or duid

How can I touch that config on my screenly devices ?


Hi Tommy,

So Screenly OSE is running on a regular Raspbian installation (which is based on Debian). The easiest way to change this is to simply enable SSH on your devices and change the file this way.

Instructions how to do this can be found here.

Thanks for the feedback.

I used the iso image provided by screenly which boots screenly automaticaly, isn’t that the OSE version? How can i manipulated the config in it ? I’m missing the point to get into the config to change the config settings ?


Hi Tommy,

This forum is only for Screenly OSE. Please use for the commercial version of Screenly.

Nothing here applies to the commercial version, as they don’t share the same operating system nor code base.

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oke, now I make sense to me :slight_smile: Thanks.

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