Setting Static IP Address


Long story short: I got handed the task of setting up some in-office signage using a Raspberry Pi 4 and Screenly OSE.

I was able to install Screenly OSE on the Pi, but when I turn it on all I see is the Screenly Logo. How do I get to the IP address or, preferable, set a static IP address?

Any help or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You,

to get into console press ctrl+alt+f1.
then, log in to the pi.
then, type ifconfig
this should show you the interfaces and the IP address of the Pi.
if you control the network at your office or can get a network admin to tell you, it might be easier to control it from the DHCP server by adding the MAC address of the Pi to the DHCP reservation.
if you still want to control the IP manually, you would need to modify the dhcpcd config file:

Hello, what is the best way to set static IP for Anthias?
What I did:

If you are following some basic guides like this one: How Do I Set a Static IP Address on Raspberry Pi?

…and you are still not getting your static IP, this is kind of out of the scope of help because your network is unknown, dhcp/router/etc., you can’t just tell a device to use a static IP if there is a dhcp server broadcasting on the subnet and then your Pi trying to assign itself a static ip that might not even be outside of the dhcp server distribution list…
why dont you just reserve the IP you want for the Pi on your router and be done with it… might be easier than messing with the dhcpcd…

Ok, I’ll do that…reserving IP on my router, thanks!

It seems that dhcpcd service was not active, so I did this and now it’s working:

sudo service dhcpcd start
sudo systemctl enable dhcpcd