Screenly ose - boot impossible on msata

Using screenly dares for about 2 years now on raspberrypi 3, we have been using msata disks instead of the sd card (notably for a question of reliability).
Now with the new version of screenly we can no longer boot from a msata, but it is still functional from an sd card.
Has anyone ever encountered this problem (we have tested it on several raspi) and is there a solution?

So you flashed the screenly-ose image onto the mSATA disk and it doesnt boot up?
Can you flash the official Raspbian Buster or Stretch Lite image on it instead, see if that boots to console, if so, just run the screenly-ose install script instead to see if that works for you.

Thanks for your help.
I tried directly with the screenly-ose image, then with a blank buster and installation via script.
Screenly is “functional” but doesn’t display anything on the image.

On the IP adress in browser i have :

Could you provide some logs? also, I assume the Pi is attached to some monitor or something right?
For logs, show the output of this:
systemctl status screenly-*

And just to see if there is something stuck at boot:
systemd-analyze blame