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Absolute beginner

Found my old raspberry PI 3 - and wanted to install screenly.

I’ve tried it for 3 days now and I run around I circles…

Could someone sent me the specific link to flash onto my 16GB SDcard?

I use a Mac and the Raspberry PI imager - is that the problem?

Hey There

I also use a MAC and Raspberry Pi Imager and that works for me.

I do it like this:

  1. Install Raspbian Lite (Console Only)
  2. Configure Raspi and Update
  3. Install Screenly via
bash <(curl -sL
  1. configure Screenly

Hope this could help.
Greetings Roman

Thanks Roman…

I flashed my 16 GB flashdrive with Etcher - ran it on the raspberry PI - and this came out after 2xReturn-key…?

I finally logged just with “pi” didn’t use password??

Sorry toast - but now what??

Henrik, Denmark

Hey Henrik

To get into the Raspberry Configuration you have to type “sudo raspi-config”
For Screenly you can copy paste this line:

bash <(curl -sL

When this line is entered a new “Gui” opens up, you can accept everything on it and screenly should be installed in about 20 minutes.
After that, reboot your Raspi, and screenly will show you your ip on the screen .
Open your web-browser, enter the IP shown on the screen and the Screenly Website should open up.
In there you can then add your Websites, Videos or Images.

Greetings Roman